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One of the best and famous Calgary Caterers is Gather in Canada! The business was started from scratch by entrepreneur couple Camilla Sherret and Newell Orfei! It is their passionate pursuit. They struggled initially and today have established Gather catering company.

It’s a locally sourced, boutique catering company! They work hard to make their guests’ gatherings with a fun filled environment, fresh and unique treatment.

Their events are designed intelligently to the guests’ taste, vision, and budget with innovative ideas! And best catering company for a private event.

The personal love of food to all events is created with the best of the menus and the top-ranking chefs, cooks, and professional serving staff, all ensure that the guests have an enormous dining experience.

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In their words, they exclaim that their mission is to coordinate the events, so all their guests enjoy a unique dining experience! The boutique catering company ensures that the guests get healthy and tasty food always.

Over the years, the catering company Calgary has partnered with many top-ranking venues. The best ones are listed below. They work with many venues in and around caterer Calgary.

Studio Bell, the Home of the national music Centre is one of them! It is more like a museum. NMC is celebrating Canada’s music story inside its home at Studio Bell in Calgary’s East Village!

The programming involves on-site and education programs, great performances of participant musicians, exhibitions, etc. The artists are famous and popular. The music lovers rejoice at NMC.

The next famous venue is the Pioneer Event Corporation. It has the two best venues and is in the heart of downtown Calgary Caterers at the historical Stephen Avenue! How to find best corporate catering service?

The Corporation opened its first location in September 2018. The second location, they founded at Garret, is located nearby! The Pioneer has been intelligently designed with modern and industrial aesthetics and the venue is highlighted always. The venue is very beautiful with a stand-in eating space or sit-down dinners!

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The Garret is a loft-style venue, located on the second floor above Divino Wine and Cheese Bistro! The best features are exposed brick and original sandstone, concrete flooring, a state-of-the-art floating iron stairwell with retractable glass and iron wall.

The venue offers intimate dinner, wine tasting, a private meeting room, and rest all facilities!

The City & Country Winry started as a fantasy venue. Chris and his partner Karen, who are the founders wanted to establish a winery.

However, the threats of climate change every year offered many challenges to the duo! So, they went ahead and established Urban Winery Concept and were immediately lapped up guests in and around Calgary.

In 2017, they bottled their first vintage under this label at a friend’s winery in Pentiction. They went ahead and in 2020, opened their first Urban Winery & tasting bar in Calgary!

 There is also a famous venue called Venue 308 with trendy designs! One can hold an event like a wedding, corporate function, and any others in their unique space.

Gather Catering Company by partnering with the above-mentioned venues has given a unique dining experience to all their guests!!

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When looking for the best catering services in Calgary, there is no match to us. Managing finances within the company is one thing but taking care of the needs and interests of the customers is what garners a much more comprehensive approach.

The best catering companies handle all these aspects well, resulting in a memorable event.

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Here are the Qualities that you should Look for when you Choose Catering Services;

Fresh prices and menu

One thing that defines the best catering Calgary is the menu it serves its guests. The menu must always be according to the latest trends in food with a mix of local cuisines to make every guest spellbound with the taste and variety. Even the prices are up to the mark and relatively affordable to serve various guests at the event.

The menu and prices are always up to date and according to the modern-day trends for every occasion to be successful in its complete form. Partnering with local farms greatly benefits an evolving catering business to provide the utmost quality in the affordable range.

Social media reach

Social media is the new platform for a successful business nowadays. The social media profiles must be overflowing with positive reviews to attract even a larger audience. The services menu and decorations leave the customers with a happy note that encourages them to post good reviews and pictures about the event. It is also necessary to refer to the negative comments to avoid damaging their reputations in the future.

Highly trained staff

The staff is trained from time to time about the events in the going or the upcoming. Highly trained and experienced staff work comfortably and professionally to ease small gatherings to the most significant events.

The team is certified and professional in event conducting, such as cooking, decoration, serving, marketing, management, etc. They are capable of working at their best even during emergencies such as a change in weather, unexpected inflow of guests, change in menu or venue, etc.

Ready for all ranges of budgets

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Setting up a great event while being in the budget range affordable for the customers makes a catering company different from others. The menu is decided as per the customers’ tastes according to the set budget range with no compromise in the quality or quantity. Even the decorators work with total energy and creativity to set up the beautiful venue.

High rate of expansion

The catering companies must expand their services and boundaries each year or after every event to make the following events more special or different from the previous ones. The company adds more cuisines in their list of set menu sets of themes for decorations and interesting engagements for the guests who attend the events. It maps out the entire territory in which there is a scope of more potential customers. 


Before organizing any event, the catering company has to look at several aspects to make it unique, including hiring and training staff, buying raw food materials and equipment, dishes, tablecloths, gloves, uniforms, and aprons. The arrangement and serving together make the event a successful one.

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